Hello darlings!

As a fellow blog reader and online shopping enthusiast, I promise to always be upfront and honest with any products I mention on my webpage.  Every product that I take the time to write about is something I seriously love and have bought myself.  And I make sure to disclose when I use an affiliate link within my blog posts to avoid any confusion.

What are affiliate links, some of you may ask?  Or how do they work exactly?

Well affiliate links work by placing a cookie into your computer.  Not an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie (but man wouldn't that be awesome?) but actually a tiny little file that lets the website know that if you choose to make a purchase, Megan from Darling Be Brave sent you, and I make a (super) small commission. 

This link does not affect your price for the product whatsoever.

These links store little cookies into your computer.  Now don't be alarmed, many many websites use cookies and they only last around 30 days.

If all this cookie talk is making you queasy, you can always delete the cookies stored within your browser or make sure the privacy mode is turned on in your browser before you click on any links.

I'm still learning about all this fun stuff but I hope this helps clear up any questions you might have!  If not, go ahead and ask me anything because I'm sure you're not the only one wondering.


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