the big 25.

Welp I did it!  I turned 25 last Saturday. 

It's kinda weird to think about because I definitely do not feel my age. 

I feel younger. 

Especially because in the community that surrounds me, kids my age seem farther ahead in life, most with a child (or two), some even building their own homes. 

I'm grateful for my life though and am so glad to have taken a path (and a pace) that works for me.

My birthday was absolutely a divine day.  It started early in the morning with a surprise from my husband.  He had decorated the house for me.  There were balloons EVERYWHERE!  They completely coated the floor in the living room and in the dinning/family/whatever-this-room-is.  I couldn't even believe it!  He hung streamers, bought a cute birthday banner and even went so far as to decorate the windows with window paint.  I felt like an extremely special and loved lady. 


Anyone notice even the deer has a party hat? 

(I'll be honest, all this furniture came with the house and I've been too lazy to try to sell it.  Someday this room won't be so cray-cray.)

Jake handed me a sweet pile of presents consisting of a Neil Diamond record (so much love!), an amazing book called Ignore Everybody (have all you creatives read this?  it's absolutely fabulous), and some incredibly good smelling lotions and a fancy face mask clay that the Aztecs themselves used so it's gotta be good.

Darling Be Brave blog - Neil Diamond Record

The new found obsession with Neil Diamond continues. 

The best part though?

He hid birthday money in the balloons. 

Say whaaat??  Who thinks of that stuff?

So.  Much.  Fun.

He found me a needle and I went on a popping spree.  Once I had discovered all the monies, I got ready while we listened to Neil Diamond, so I could go for some serious birthday shopping.

Money has been a little tight since we bought a home last May so I was in dire need of some new clothes.  And man did I find a bunch. 

Darling Be Brave blog - Birthday Post

After we shopped til we dropped, we hit up Chic-fil-A and came home to relax for a bit until my family came over for cake and ice cream (or as is my birthday tradition, ice cream cake). 

Darling Be Brave blog - Birthday Post

Around 7 I had a small get together with my family where we shared ice cream cake and shared stories and just enjoyed each other's company. 


We even got Lexi to wear a party hat. 

I have the most amazing dog ever.  She's so patient and kind.  Seriously, pit bulls are the best.

Then after the party, you'll never guess what we did.

It was like 11 o clock at night and Jake was like, "I think I want to tear into that box (bulkhead?) above the kitchen.  Do you care?"

Darling Be Brave blog

That thing has been bugging me since we bought the house (wasted space ya know?) so I was like heck no I don't mind!  Go for it!

Besides my house has been a constant reno zone since we moved in.  Note the unpainted wood underneath the bar (that used to be covered in carpet) and the electrical wire holding up the dinning light (after I smacked my head into it one too many times).

So he immediately got to work while I snapped a few pictures and enjoyed my new book.

Then the next day we recruited help from my dear cousin Matt and those two boys were not only able to tear the whole thing down, but they installed a few can lights (recessed lighting?) too.  We decided we need a few more lights to balance things out but man is it looking amazing already!  I'll blog more about this next week so be excited ;)

It makes me so happy to see my hopes for this home to transform into reality.  It has so much potential (a big reason why we bought).  There's just some funky things going on.  (Like did you notice the three different types of floor all in the same picture above? ha ha)  They are all simple fixes though.  It just takes time. 

Have a lovely week my friends! xoxo

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