our first home.

Hello lovelies!

This week we are traveling back in time, back to when Jake and I first purchased our home last May. 

Darling Be Brave - Our First Home

At the time, I had no idea how we were going to be able to afford it but we were so ready to get out of our little apartment and into a real home.

We went to the bank to see if it was possible for us to afford a house just on my husbands income and we were thrilled when our lender seemed so positive that we could totally do this.

With hopes soaring, we met up with a real estate agent.

We didn't ask for much.

Detached home with at least three bedrooms, two bathrooms, little bit of a yard (so we could get a dog), maybe hopefully a garage and that we didn't mind if it was a bit of a fixer upper.

Most of all though, we did not want to be a part of a HOA (Homeowners Association).

(No offense to Homeowner Association lovers out there.  Everyone we know is constantly frustrated with their HOA so we just didn't want to deal with that.)

Our real estate agent crushed our dreams almost immediately, informing us that our budget only allowed us to purchase an apartment or  town home or condo that was a part of a HOA.

I couldn't believe it.

I pretty much shut down at that point.

I kindly let her know thanks but no thanks.  That we'd rather keep saving until we could afford what we wanted.

Fortunately I have the sweetest husband ever who refused to give up that easily.  We kept looking on our own, scouring our area for listings that we thought we could make work and eventually found a home in our price range that seemed pretty much perfect.

He found us a new real estate agent who luckily turned out to be the sweetest person in the whole world.

(Seriously, if anyone in my area is looking for a real estate agent, let me know because I'd recommend her in a heartbeat.)

Nisi was amazing.  She listened to our case and seemed taken aback that we were told that we could only afford an apartment or an HOA.  She let us know that it'd be a little more difficult but definitely not impossible.

This was exactly what I needed to hear.

A dreamer just like me.

I loved her right away.

And suddenly, for the first time, house shopping became super fun and exciting.

Oh and that first home I mentioned that seemed perfect?

Nope.  It wasn't the one.  I'm still crazy about it but it was kind of scary the amount of work that needed done on it (like there was water damage in the basement and things that wouldn't even pass inspection so we could buy the house and the seller refused to get it up to code).

So we kept looking.

We wandered through a few more homes and there were some that we could have made work but nothing felt quite right.

But on the seventh house (as fate would have it, my lucky/favorite number) we knew right away we had found the one.

Darling Be Brave - Our First Home before the renovations

I don't know if it was the Pepto-Bismol-pink walls or the antelope above the fireplace but something spoke to me.

To be honest, the listing photos weren't the best but Jake and I just had a feeling in our gut that this was the house.

It had so much potential.  I immediately fell in love.


I didn't think to take pictures at the time but I scoured the internet and found these gems.  Enjoy.

Spoiler alert: Our house looks nothing like this anymore.


Darling Be Brave - Our First Home

A month and a few (hundred) signed papers later, we became first time home owners.

And we've been happily renovating ever since.


I figured since we are knee deep in projects (and that's pretty much what my life revolves around right know), I'd show a few rooms in my house and the changes we've made so far. 

We'll start this little home tour in the kitchen.

Our latest big project was removing the bulk head above the cabinets. 

Here's what the kitchen looked like in the listing photos.

Darling Be Brave - Our First Home - Before the remodel

Anyone notice the matching Pepto-Bismol-pink bulkhead?  And the carpet that crept up underneath the bar?  And the dining table that was uncomfortably close to the kitchen?

And here's a photo I took on my birthday a little over a week ago.

Darling Be Brave - Kitchen before the remodel

So much better already right?

I mentioned in my previous post that around 11 at night, on my birthday, Jake got excited about removing the bulkhead above the cabinets.  And I was all for it going away.  It served no purpose.  The cabinets weren't attached to it, there was no duct work inside it, so I was like let's get it gone.

Isn't he the best?

The next morning, my sweet cousin Matt drove over to help us remove the rest and to install some can lights.

We still need to add two more can lights (so that they form a square around the edges of the kitchen) but I think it is looking pretty dang good.  The kitchen feels so much more open and roomy.  I love it so much.

Here's what it looks like today.

(Still working on patching and texturing the ceiling but hopefully we'll be able to finish painting in here real soon so I can do a more justified before and after.)


Thanks for stopping by for the home tour my friends!

But before I go, I just wanted to take a quick second to thank you all so very very much for the pictures you've been sharing of the crochet baskets you have been making from my tutorial!!

My heart sings every time I see one!  I am so thrilled the pattern has worked for all of you and am so impressed by how they are all turning out.  Very talented ladies.

Until next week,

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