easter sunday.

Hello friends!  I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend surrounded by family and all things spring/candy related. 

My Easter morning definitely got started off right by a surprise gift from the Easter Bunny.  (My cute momma left a little package by the front door filled with fun goodies.)  And then around noon, the hubs, the pup and I went up a nearby mountain to enjoy the beautiful weather and have a little picnic.  Lexi had a ball running around, smelling all the new smells, while Jake and I visited and enjoyed the view. 


Got to love Utah right?  Always amazing views and things to see.

It was super windy so we ended up eating our packed lunches (courtesy of Jake) in the truck but I didn't mind one bit.  I was just happy to hang out with my favorite people and spend some time outdoors. 

After our trip, we stopped by my cute grandma's house and enjoyed a second lunch/early dinner with some of my extended family.  I always love going to my grandma's and catching up with everyone.  We just munched on delicious food while shooting the breeze. 

It was a simple Easter but aren't those always the best? 

I can't believe I never made time to color eggs though.  Hopefully next year.

Oh and just to let you all know, my etsy shop is indeed re-opened (can I get a hallelujah?!) and even though it still needs a lot of work, I'm just happy to have it back and running.  The transition from One Loop at a Time to Darling Be Brave has been a little more challenging and time consuming that I had anticipated but man it's been so worth it. 

I still have a pile of new items to photograph, a long list of items I want to create, and about 20+ items that I want to re-photograph ha ha but I just gotta breath and take things one step at a time.  (I think I expect too much from myself and have been feeling a little burnt out lately.)  Thank heavens it's only Spring and I've got several more months to plan for Autumn/Winter.

Welp my peeps hope life is all treating you fantastically!  Please excuse me while I go soak in the sun and read a new book. 

- Megan xoxo

P.S. My 25th birthday is on Saturday!!  Sooo excited!  Birthday's are my absolute favorite (well any reason to celebrate is my absolute favorite) so expect a birthday post next week ;)