embracing red lipstick.

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I'm sure that any of you following me on instagram and facebook have noticed a slight change in my appearance...

Bright red lipstick. 

And if any of you have been reading this blog since the beginning, you may remember that one of the things I wanted to be brave about was wearing red lipstick. 

So high five, me!  Good job.  Only took four months ha ha.

I named this website (and changed my etsy shop name to) darlingbebrave because I have a natural tendency to want to be a wallflower.  I like to blend in.  Not be noticed.  I can be incredibly shy and sometimes awkward. 

And recently I've come to the decision that I'm not too thrilled with my style. 

I went for a couple of months where I kind of stopped doing my hair, just washing it and letting it do it's own thing everyday which is kind of okay because my hair is somewhat naturally curly.

My makeup routine has always been incredibly basic and simple. 

And even though my heart longs to wear cute dresses and skirts, I chicken out and wear a t-shirt and jeans.  Every.  Single.  Day.  I even get self-conscious wearing button up shirts.  What is wrong with me? 

So yeah what I'm trying to say here is that wearing red lipstick around is kinda a huge deal for someone like me. 

I was just super ready for a change so last week I kind of got drastic. 

I originally was trying to grow out my bangs (the forever internal struggle am I right?) and as much as I think girls with long hair and no bangs are total babes, I think that my face personally is better suited for bangs.  So yep.  I chopped a couple inches off.  Then I took the time to curl my hair, dug through my makeup drawer for some kinda crappy lipstick I had bought a long while ago (beautiful color, just doesn't stay on my lips very well), and started trying to dress the way that I actually wanted to dress.  No more trying to blend in/fit in. 

  So in order for me to be more committed/comfortable with the new look, I decided to find a better, long lasting lipstick.  I did some research and decided a liquid lipstick would probably be best suited for someone like me who wants a low maintenance make up routine.

I found Kat Von D's liquid lipsticks online and couldn't find anything but good reviews about it so I made the splurge and bought me a tube in the color Underage Red (I was secretly hoping for the color Outlaw but it was out of stock so Underage Red it was and so far I'm really loving it).

Even though I totally love painting my lips red, it's been kind of a challenge for me to wear this drastic of lipstick. I get so nervous when I'm about to leave the house and I run and check the mirror to make sure I don't have any on my teeth or it hasn't smeared across my face or something. 

(This lipstick is supposed to last all day and I can't find anyone else online complaining about it smearing but I'm combating oddly crazy oily skin right now so I don't think it's lasting like it supposed to.  Any help?  Please?) 

But so far so good when I'm out about in public!  I haven't noticed any double takes or anyone staring at me awkwardly so I consider that a success that this lipstick doesn't look too out of place on my face.

I'm absolutely loving my new look, embracing my pale skin, red lips, and a simple cat eye.  I have an old soul so this new look is totally tapping in on a retro vibe which makes me feel so excited.  I grew up watching Audrey Hepburn and Doris Day and loving any and all black and white movies.  Those ladies had class, let me tell ya. 

So yeah I'm continually learning to embrace my inner self.  I've never been one to keep up on the trends anyway.  I tend to long for a more classic and retro look and what's wrong with that?

I've always always always loved style from the 50's and 60's and would love to be able to embrace flowy skirts and polka dots and fancy dresses someday.  I stumbled across ModCloth and this clothing store is absolutely fabulous, totally the look I want to go for.  I may or may not have been spending hours the last several days looking at every product they have to offer and making forever long wish lists.  If I had a million dollars I would just dress in ModCloth outfits all day every day.  I made a small order yesterday and am SO excited for my purchase to get here!

I've had so much fun getting all dolled up this last week even if my days have mainly consisted of me sitting stretched out on my living room floor, surrounded by piles of yarn and watching way too many tv marathons on hulu (anyone else dying over the Bachelorette this season?).  Ooooh yeah.  Living the dream.  Sometimes I even get crazy and venture to Walmart, the post office, or the craft store which makes actually getting ready a little more worth while ha ha.

Anyway, the point of all these ramblings is that I've decided that I'm giving myself a make over.  I need to follow my own advice and be brave and wear what I want and do my make up and hair how I want.  It's gonna be a slow process due to lack of funds slash change kinda scares me but this is going to be the best thing ever!  I'm so incredibly excited for this change! 


How about you guys?  What's one style change you've always wanted to try?


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P.S. If you'd like to try the same lipstick that I'm wearing, here's a link.  (This is an affiliate link.  If you're wondering about how affiliate links work, please click here.)