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one hundred sales on etsy! - darling be brave

Yay!  Last Tuesday I finally got my hundredth sale on etsy!  I was seriously so giddy and so excited.  I feel like I've finally joined the big leagues (hah).

Since I opened my etsy shop, I've had the goal in mind to reach 100 sales and man I feel like it took me way longer than it takes most people.  I'll be honest, I felt a little silly being as excited as I was because I know a lot of shops that reach 100 sales a lot faster than me (like a lot faster).  Sometimes I feel like it's a little embarrassing that my shop isn't doing better, that it doesn't look as good as it could or that my selection is pretty minimal at the moment.   I almost kept the good news to myself and just went about my day like normal.  But then I was like no Megan.  100 sales is freaking fantastic and definitely a milestone no matter when it happens.  My story is important too and just because my journey is different than others doesn't make this moment any less special or great.  So boom.  I dressed up in one of my fanciest dresses and cut out a banner and had a little photoshoot to share the good news! 

I guess technically it took me just under two years to reach 100 sales but I feel like I didn't really invest myself in my shop until last August/September so in my mind, I still reached this goal in less than a year so excuse me while I pat myself on the back. 

What should my next goal be?  250 by the end of the year?  Is that insane?  Probably.  I'd also love to be up to 50 listings in the shop by then so we'll see how things go. 

What are your guys etsy shop goals?  Or have you reached any super exciting milestones lately?  I wanna hear about it!  Leave me a comment and let me know how you all are doing :)


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