home update: little kitchen reveal.

Since my house is a never ending renovation, you probably won't be surprised to hear that even after two and a half years, the kitchen isn't completely finished. And you probably won't be surprised that this post has been sitting in my drafts since before Madison was born ha ha I had planned to publish this back during the second week of July, but then Madison was born just a few days early (I thought she'd be late for some reason?) and then I totally forgot about it. 


And we recently started working on the kitchen again and I was like, "Ah I better publish this post before it's completely irrelevant!"

So here I am. "Showing off" what my kitchen looked like last July ha ha hope you enjoy.

I spent some time taking a trip down memory lane by checking out my past blog posts about our kitchen renovation process (if you'd like to check those out click here and/or here) and I'm just in amazement (slash cringing a little bit) over what things used to look like. I can't believe how far we've come. When you constantly live in a place that is forever slightly changing, you kind of become oblivious to the milestones ya know? So looking back is just too unreal.  

Seeing these old photos, part of me wonders why I was ever attracted to this house ha ha but my past self must have known that this place really could be so pretty. 

It just needed a little love. 

And a lot, a lot of renovations. 

As I type this, my husband and I have basically resurfaced the entire inside of our house. Ceilings used to be popcorn so we scraped that all down and Jake re-textured and painted the entire ceiling all by himself. The walls either used to be boring shiny white or crazy colors (forest green, pepto bismal pink, brown orange, burgundy red, mint green) so we've painted every single wall in this house to a beautiful, cohesive light cream. And now we've basically redone all the flooring throughout (the bathrooms remain untouched so far).  

Needless to say, I am exhausted by everything we've done to this house.

And even though my house is looking so gorgeous and it makes me so happy I could cry happy tears, I still have this bad habit of constantly walking around, taking a tally of things we still need to finish. Somedays I wonder if we'll ever be done renovating this place ha ha but honestly, what still needs "fixed" is minor details. The major things we finished before the little lady got here (thank heavens) so lately I've been trying to take time to just sit back and enjoy all our hard work.

But yeah, without further ado, here's what my kitchen looks like today.
(ahem last July)

home update: little kitchen reaveal // via www.darlingbebrave.com

(Seriously how dreamy is this starting to look?)


And like always, I like dragging ya'll down a little trip down memory lane of how things used to look and our little progress updates along the way. 

home update: little kitchen reveal // via www.darlingbebrave.com

I was so excited to move into this place two years ago that I completely forgot to take before pictures so all we have to go off of are the mls listing photos that made me fall in love with the house in the first place. Now you may look at this kitchen and see a fabulous rooster, orangey brown paint, a carpeted bar, and a pepto bismal pink drop box hanging off the ceiling for no reason. 

But I looked at this kitchen and was like holy crap it's huge. (At the apartment we lived in before I basically had three ish feet of usable counter space.  So tiny.) I saw granite counters that I new we would never be able to afford on our own. I saw it connected to the dining area and I wanted an open concept living space. I saw a place for cute bar stools to go someday. It all felt dreamy somehow.


home update: little kitchen reveal // via www.darlingbebrave.com

Fast forward to my 25th birthday (I wish my house was always this festive ha ha). You can see the ceilings had mostly been re-done by this point and painting all the walls was in the happenings. But the dropbox was there, just looming, taking up unnecessary space, making my kitchen feel closed off and claustrophobic. So around midnight that night, completely spur of the moment like with all our major renovations, Jake was like, "I feel like tearing into that.  Do you care?"  and I was like "Heck no!  Let's get it gone!" So we stayed up late tearing down part of it and by the next morning, we had talked my cousin who's an electrician into coming and helping us finish up the process.


home update: little kitchen reveal // via www.darlingbebrave.com

See? There was nothing inside that drop box. Nothing. Total waste of space. I remember my heart feeling so happy at this point. I had people previously trying to talk me out of taking out the drop box, telling me it wasn't that bad. But in this moment, I knew I was right. The entire kitchen instantly felt so much better.

We decided to put in can lights because as you can maybe see, the previous lights were not even close to centered to anything, at all, and the bulbs constantly burnt out in that thing. So recessed lighting it was and I've loved having can lights so much. 


home update: little kitchen reveal // via www.darlingbebrave.com

Also by this point, we had torn the carpet off the side of the bar. And I still can't help but wonder why anyone ever thought it was a good idea to have the carpet go up the bar. I've never seen that before.

The next thing that had to go was that dang chandelier that you see hanging out in the top left corner. The dining table, for some reason, was once placed so close to the bar that you couldn't even have bar stools. This made no sense to me. So when we moved the table to a better location, it made the chandelier hover over nothingness. I'm a bit of a klutz and I kept hitting my head off of this low hanging chandelier so one day after a particularly bad bump to the noggin, we strung up the chandelier to the ceiling with scrap wire. (Real classy.) After living like this for months, it hit me that we had to change out that chandelier. Money was tight but there had to be a better solution.


For ten dollars we found this cheap light at Home Depot and man it's been the best ten dollars I've ever spent. Not having that chandelier awkwardly hanging made me feel like an instant classy grown up.

home update: little kitchen reaveal // via www.darlingbebrave.com

Look at how cute my house was getting by this point!  The floors still made me want to cry and I absolutely (and probably irrationally) hated our dining table (it had been left by the previous home owner), but I was finally seeing my house transform into my dream home.


home update: little kitchen reaveal // via www.darlingbebrave.com

Fast forward to today and holy goodness is my kitchen looking amazing! (Also how crazy big is that houseplant getting?? It's almost to the point where it's getting out of control. You can see how tiny it was in previous photos ha ha.)

We still need to finish sanding down all the cupboards and repaint everything a smooth, crisp white. I had hoped to do both of those things before we got new floors but the timing just wasn't right. I was too pregnant by that point, and the floors just needed done. Now that Madison is 6 months old and sleeping somewhat regularly at night, we've been painting a little in the evenings. Close to being almost finished! And then after window shopping so many times, Jake and I finally agreed on some new handles for the drawers and cupboards! It's looking so good! I can't wait to show you guys. 


home update: little kitchen reaveal // via www.darlingbebrave.com

Like seriously how beautiful is this??  You can barely even recognize the house it used to be.  I can't believe I live here.  I'm no longer embarrassed to have people over, and I'm starting to feel like an official grown up who has nice things.


home update: little kitchen reaveal // via www.darlingbebrave.com

And look at the beautiful detailing Jake did on the front of the bar?! This man never ceases to amaze me. Any little thing I dream up he always finds a way to turn it into reality. God sure blessed me with an insanely talented man. We still need to fix up the seams a little and give it all a fresh coat of paint but I'm loving how it looks so far.

If you're interested in these fun slightly retro bar stools, here's where I found mine. We still would like to buy at least one more to better fill up the bar space but for now, these two sure make me happy.

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home update: little kitchen reaveal // via www.darlingbebrave.com

I'm completely shocked I've somehow managed to keep my house plants alive during my pregnancy and bringing home a new baby ha ha it's been a bit of a struggle. You can see the tips of the leaves are brown...poor plant.


home update: little kitchen reaveal // via www.darlingbebrave.com

It's so funny looking back at these photos because even now, I'm noticing all sorts of changes we've made to the kitchen. For starters, the garbage can has been moved (what an eyesore ha ha can't believe I left it there for so long) and I've rearranged everything that is on my counters. My grandma jokes that she loves to look and spot all the differences in my house because there's almost always something majorly different whenever she comes over even if it's just me moving the furniture around.

Eventually I'll show off the rest of my house, but to be completely frank, the rest of my house doesn't feel all that put together so I feel a little silly showing it off.  Someday maybe.

Hope you're all doing well!


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