Modern crochet designed for the home.

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Clear, concise crochet patterns.

No more guess work when it comes to starting a new project.

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Do something brave today.

Life is too short to be ruled by fear or hesitation. Do what you want to do. Live a life that's full of the things you love. Make time to make things, work with your hands, make mistakes, learn new things.

Crochet has got to be the most forgiving craft because any mistake you make can easily be fixed by just unraveling a few rows and trying again. No worry of material wasted. And definitely no worry of time wasted because holding a hook and soft yarn in your hands is so meditative and a day well spent.

Create a life and a home that is full of the things you love. (I just so happen to love yarn and baskets so you'll find them scattered throughout my home.) If learning to crochet or trying out a new design sounds like a good way to spend the day, check out my patterns. I provide all the tools, foundation, and knowledge you need to customize my designs into the perfect piece for you.