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So happy to have you here!

My name is Megan, and I'm a new mama who's seriously obsessed with her baby and I love to design crochet/knit projects. By clicking on one of the links below, you can hop over to my blog and check out some fun posts about crochet/knitting tips and tricks or you can read all about life with my cute baby girl. 

Or if you're feeling crafty, definitely go check out my pattern shop where you'll find some of my original designs. I've put a lot of thought into my patterns, making them as absolutely detailed as I possibly can, and I design my patterns to be what I would want if I were buying a pattern. In each of my patterns you buy, you'll find one file that is a step by step photo tutorial jam packed with helpful notes and instructions which can be so helpful the first time you're going through a pattern or if you're new to crocheting. 

Then for the more advanced crocheter, or if you've used my pattern few times, I've included a file that has all the instructions on one easy to read page because it can get annoying flipping through a lot of pages once you have a pattern down and just want a quick reference for the steps.

I even make sure to include a "Tips & Tricks" file whenever possible where you'll find anything and everything I can think of to make your making process that much easier, being sure to include all the details for helpful tips I've discovered after making a piece dozens of times. 

I try my best to take the guess work out of my patterns and include as much information as humanly possible.

And for those of you who would love to have one of the pieces I've created, I've got a shop available for that too! 

So go ahead, make yourself at home here, and click down below to get where you want to go whether it be to read the blog or try out one of my crochet patterns.